Vacation Care: 7.00am to 6.30pm

Excursions have included:
Luna Park, Darling Harbour Aquarium, Movies, Laser Tag and Flip Out just to name a few.

Please ensure you are here 15 minutes before departure time on programme. This gives us time to count the roll and for the children to put vacation shirts on.

Our centre day’s are full of fun with:
Plaster painting, jewellery making and craft activities, cooking and lots more.

PAYMENT is due at time of booking, in order to GUARANTEE your place is secure. All fees need to be up to date for bookings to be accepted. Please complete the booking forms and pay via Ezidebit, internet banking, cheque or direct bank deposit – fee queries please contact the office.



Brisbania families that regularly utilise Before and After school care throughout the term.

Full Fees are $65 a day for Centre Days
Full Fees are $70 a day for Excursion Day

Full Fees are $85 a day for Sydney/Newcastle Excursion Day

Families not regularly utilising Before and After school care throughout the term.

Full Fees are $70 a day for Centre Days
Full Fees are $75 a day for Excursion Days

Full Fees are $90 a day for Sydney/Newcastle Excursion Days

REFUNDS – Once a booking is made there will be no refunds given unless 2 weeks notice is given.

SWAPPING – Once you have booked your VC days, there will be no swapping of days. Normal daily fee will apply for additional day.

BEHAVIOUR – Bad behaviour will not be tolerated at anytime. Children, who behave as such, risk being excluded from the programme. See our behavioural policy in our policy book.

MEDICATION – All regular medication must be in Webster’s pack with the child’s name on it. Any other prescription medications need to be in the original packaging with child’s name and date. Carers must allow enough time to fill out a medication form on arriving. Under No Circumstances are children to carry medication on them (with the exception of asthma puffers. Please fill out an asthma form).

IPODS/MP3/GAMES/Phones – No electrical devices allowed at the centre at any time.

PERMISSION NOTES – Please ensure your enrolment forms are up to date and correct.

EXCURSIONS – Please be aware all excursions are included in the daily fees.

CLOTHING – Please send children in sun safe clothing & closed in shoes.
Send a change of clothing or swimmers during warmer months, in case children cool off with water play. All shoulder length hair must be tied back. Please remember – NO SINGLETS/ THONGS or SANDALS.

FOOD – We promote healthy eating habits in conjunction with an active programme.  Would parents keep this in mind when packing children’s food requirements for the day. Less high fat snack foods, maybe substituted with fruit. Our Centre is NUT FREE. All children require a refillable drink bottle.

BOOKINGS – Vacation care bookings will open 4 weeks prior to the start of vacation care. Bookings will close the Sunday prior to vacation care. All permission notes and waivers must be signed before bookings are processed.