Before Care: 6.30am to 8.30am

Approved for maximum of 100 children.

Breakfast is served up to 8.00am, the children may choose from toast, cereal or our healthy weekly treats.

All of our children interact in a friendly and caring manner with each other and are guided to form new friendships, share and include others.

Morning activities include enjoying craft activities, colouring in, board games, cooking for afternoon tea and much more.


$14.00 per session

After Care: 2.50pm to 6.30pm

Approved for maximum of 100 children..

Afternoon tea is served at 3.00pm and consists of healthy home cooking, fruit and the occasional treat to fuel the children for their afternoon activities.

Our menu includes; fruit, crackers with tuna and salad, pizza scrolls, corn chips and salsa, garlic bread, fruit toast, popcorn, pasta, buttered chicken and lots more.

Sports include, soccer, AFL, dance and lots more.

Other activities include, art lessons, gardening, craft and cooking.


$20.00 per session